I am a sociolinguist and fifth year doctoral candidate in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Texas at Austin. My research focuses on linguistic production and perception in U.S. Latinx communities, more specifically in Miami, FL. My work is interdisciplinary, connecting sociolinguistics, bilingualism, social psychology, and immigration. I am also completing a Graduate Portfolio in Mexican American and Latina/o Studies. 

As a researcher and educator I am dedicated to making linguistic research accessible to the public, especially to the communities that often serve as the subjects of analyses. I have been fortunate to interview with public radio and local and national news outlets with the hope of reframing academic scholarship for public audiences.

In addition to my life as a graduate student, I am a competitive club gymnast with Texas Gymnastics - hook 'em \m/. I am an advocate for scholar-athletes and I believe in the benefits that athletics can serve academics and vice-versa.